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Emule Servers List 2023 UPDATED MAY 2023

Considering the constantly updated list of emule servers updated to April 2024, on this page we have decided to collect the list of safe and fast emule servers you can rely on to download from the internet.

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Before we begin, we would like to remind you that for your browsing security, you should always protect yourself behind a VPN such as NordVPN (Official Site here), which protects your IP and helps your anonymity.

Quick list of updated emule servers April 2024

  • eMule Security – IP: – Port: 6584
  • !! Sharing-Devils No. 2 !! – IP: – Port: 4232
  • GrupoTS Server – IP: – Port: 4661
  • Astra-3 – IP: 213252245239 – Port: 43333
  • Astra-2 – IP: – Port: 22888
  • Astra-6 – IP: – Port: 35037
  • Astra-5 – IP: 213252245239 – Port: 33333
  • Pentium Pilat 2022 – IP: – Port: 42011
  • Astra-1 – IP: – Port: 51127
  • eDonkey Server No1 – IP: – Port: 9191
  • Gaal – IP: – Port: 31031
  • Akteon Server – IP: – Port: 18357

Before downloading from eMule, use a safe VPN to protect yourself. You can get 68% off NordVPN (Official Website here)

Download emule

Before downloading the emule server list, you need to download emule, if you don’t already have it.

Update emule server list 2024

Once you have downloaded the latest version of emule, you will need to update the server list.

These servers are also valid for emule adunanza, which runs under faster connections such as Fastweb.

Preventing automatic server updates

The first thing to do is to make sure that eMule does not automatically update the list of servers, because there may be spy or fake servers, which could put you in danger and spy on what you are doing on the Internet and what you are downloading.

Once again, one of the best VPNs for torrents, such as NordVPN (Official Site here) or Express VPN (Official Site), could come in handy here.

To do so, you must:

  • go to the top right and click options;
  • from the window that opens, choose server;
  • uncheck these 3 items:
    • “Automatically download server list on start-up”.
    • “Update Server list when connecting to a Server”.
    • “Refresh server list when contacting a client”.
  •  restart emule (close and reopen it)

Deleting old servers

First of all, you must delete the servers you have already set up.

To do so:

  • click on Servers from the top menu, to see a list of all servers;
  • right-click on any of the servers in the list;
  • click on Delete all servers.

Add updated list of emule servers

You can now safely add the new list of emule servers.

For an even greater degree of security, remember to always do it shielded and protected behind a VPN, which protects your online privacy and anonymity.

One of the best VPNs is definitely NordVPN (official website here).

To add emule met servers, you will need to go to:

  • new server;
  • enter IP, port and name in the required fields

Detailed list of working emule servers April 2024.

IP Door Server Files Ping 6584 eMule Security(🇳🇱 Netherlands) 36,608,067 62 4232 !! Sharing-Devils No.2 !! (🇷🇺 Russia) 2,119,290 78 4661 GrupoTS Server(🇫🇷 France) 1,914,323 94 43333 Astra-3(🇱🇹 Lithuania) 1,291,373 63 22888 Astra-2(🇫🇮 Finland) 1,148,758 47 35037 Astra-6(🇱🇺 Luxembourg) 786,128 78 33333 Astra-5(🇱🇹 Lithuania) 741,432 63 42011 Pentium Pilat 2022(🇷🇺 Russia) 677,199 47 51127 Astra-1(🇳🇱 Netherlands) 627,226 110 9191 eDonkey Server No1(🇱🇺 Luxembourg) 615,248 93 31031 Gaal(🇺🇸 USA) 548,978 63 18357 Akteon Server(🇱🇹 Lithuania) 440,720 47

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