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Express VPN Review

The VPN environment is full of different types of services with a wide range of costs. At a time when our privacy and security are being put to the test, this solution seems almost obligatory, which is why today we are talking about Express VPN (Official Site).

Whether it be hackers, advertising companies or even ‘curious’ governments, VPNs have become a faithful companion for anyone wanting to protect their privacy on the net. What about streaming content that is not accessible in certain regions? Here too, a good VPN can bypass this problem and make audio and video content available anywhere in the world.

Express VPN (Official Site) is considered to be one of the most sought-after platforms in this context, despite the fact that its costs are not exactly low. In this article we’re going to analyse Express VPN, trying to understand what’s so attractive about this service.


Express VPN (Official Site) presents itself on the market with a strong stance, presenting itself as a quality VPN service for particularly demanding users. The main feature of this service is the connection speed, a feature that is difficult to appreciate in cheaper VPNs.

The network that makes up this service boasts more than 3,000 servers in over 160 locations. With such a spread, the platform avoids slow connections and the kind of problems that are common in many other low-cost services.

At the same time, this allows Express VPN to maintain a solid and secure line, which is ideal both for security and for overcoming territorial blocks in streaming. This means that Express VPN is ideal both for security and for overcoming territorial blockades in the streaming sector.


How does this VPN perform when it comes to privacy and security? Although speed is the most obvious advantage of this platform, Express VPN (Official Site) is also no slouch when it comes to security.

The service we are analysing in fact offers advanced features such as split tunnelling, protection from DNS and IPv6 leaks and an integrated kill switch. The latter function, called Network Lock, allows incoming and outgoing traffic to be blocked when the connection is interrupted. This allows more secure access to public Wi-Fi networks, such as those found in airports or shopping malls.

As far as encryption is concerned, the solutions adopted are absolutely state-of-the-art. In fact, the connection is protected by 256-bit AES encryption, a solution adopted at military level and therefore extremely secure. Even from this point of view, Express VPN (Official Site) lives up to expectations.


If you travel a lot, you know how nice it is to be able to watch your favourite Netflix series from the other side of the world. Unfortunately, having a foreign IP means you can’t access content in Italy.

Here too, a VPN is useful. Obviously, however, the bandwidth required to play a video stream is high. In addition to a solid basic connection, the speed of the VPN is a key factor in avoiding the age-old problem of buffering. In this respect, Express VPN (Official Site) is at its best.

Test in hand, this platform allows not only access to video streaming services with geolocation set to another country (we are talking about Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video and HBO), but also excellent support for audio-video streaming.

Despite the fact that issuing companies try to limit access to platforms via VPN, at present Express VPN seems to be able to access most of these services anyway.


Torrent technology, compared to its name, has nothing illegal about it. It is used to transfer files through a P2P network.

Despite this, many providers obstruct file sharing regardless, even if the content is completely legal. Express VPN (Official Site) is up to the task here as well, offering a filter that protects content from prying eyes and at the same time does not burden downloads.

In this respect, too, this service proves to be one of the best in the whole sector.


As with most VPNs, it is also possible to use it on several devices at the same time. Specifically, you can choose up to 5 platforms, with a wide range of choice thanks to compatibility with OS such as Windows, Mac, Linux but also with mobile systems such as Android and iOS.


Despite the fact that Express VPN costs more than many of its competitors, this service offers a significant advantage. It is possible to try the service for 30 days, to be refunded if you are not satisfied with the platform. At the end of this period, a subscription is required to use the VPN again. As with its competitors, the cost is drastically reduced if you wish to subscribe for several months.

A single month costs €11.86. The cost of Express VPN (Official Site) goes down if you make a 12-month subscription, with a cost of 7.62 euros.

A 6-month subscription costs 9.15 euros per month.


Express VPN (Official Site) is a top-notch service that performs all VPN-related functions exceptionally well. Whether it’s streaming, downloading torrents or protecting your privacy, this service does it all with the utmost security and enviable connection speed.

The possibility of trying out the service for 30 days and the discounts on subscriptions for several months are further reasons not to miss out on one of the most solid and interesting VPNs on the market.

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