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In today’s web environment, using a VPN like NordVPN (Official Site) is a necessity for most users.

In the meantime, let’s explain what it is all about. VNP stands for Virtual Private Network. In practice, it’s about creating personal channels between the networks of the offices where you work, using the Internet as a connection between them.

If you travel a lot, for example, you may need a solution of this type to “bypass” certain limits imposed in the place where you are on holiday. Be it social networks or streaming platforms, in fact, operating in a given place often involves some problems regarding the use of certain services.

If you are particularly concerned about your privacy, you may find a VPN service to be an excellent ally. Many providers record the browsing history of their customers. What are they doing this for? In some cases, this valuable information is even sold to companies or governments. Thanks to the filtering offered by VPNs, this is prevented.


Everything said so far, should already be pretty convincing. To make these tools even more attractive, there are some fundamental factors. Compared to a few years ago, VPN services cost significantly less and offer appreciable speed in bandwidth management.

Just under these points of view, NordVPN (Official Site) is one of the main reference points of the sector. In fact, this service makes use of a gigantic network made up of 5,700 servers distributed in 60 countries. This contributes to make the whole system particularly lean and without slowdowns.

To reinforce the security level, there is a military style cryptography system, able to guarantee standards in security conditions difficult to reach by competitors. Under this point of view we point out some solutions decidedly appreciable as:

  • a kill switch
  • protection from DNS leaks;
  • double encryption;
  • obfuscated servers;
  • support for P2P connections.

as well as a strict no-log policy, allowing for privacy protection that is extremely valuable these days.



Reducing the discussion to a purely practical level, NordVPN (Official Site) also offers options that go beyond simple privacy protection. For example, you can use this service on Windows, Linux and macOS systems, but also on mobile, such as Android iOS environments. Just in the mobile environment, you can manage the VPN through a special app that allows you to filter the bandwidth.

Regardless of the type of platform used, NordVPN allows you to overcome any geographic blocks of Netflix or other similar platforms. Through foreign IP, for example, you can’t use your account from abroad.

Using NordVPN (Official Site) and an Italian IP, you can still access your Netflix library. The service we’re talking about also offers a subscription to get VPN support on as many as six different devices.


How does NordVPN work? If, as already mentioned, there is an app for mobile, there is a client that must be installed in case you also use the service from your desktop. Once you’ve visited the download page and downloaded the software, it’s very easy to start the program and quickly take possession of it.

The client in question offers a dynamic map with all the available servers. This is a solution with an excellent visual impact, able to facilitate the use of the service even by those less familiar with VPNs. Once the desired location has been established, NordVPN (Official Site) connects to the chosen server in a few seconds.

As far as the change of server is concerned, everything happens in an extremely simple way, without having to restart the software. Returning to the map, it is sufficient to select another server on the map to change position. Finally, it should be pointed out that a log with the last connections made allows you to return to a server previously used.


Always related to NordVPN service (Official Site), we point out the practical extensions for browsers, almost indispensable for the most hardened Internet users. In this sense, plug-ins are available for both Chrome and Firefox.

For obvious reasons, these add-ons offer a much simpler service than clients and mobile apps. In this sense, in fact, there are no maps of any kind, but simply the ability to choose a location and a button to connect to a server in that area. Nothing particularly refined, although it is a service that can guarantee a good coverage in terms of security and privacy protection.

Translated with (free version)


Let’s go back to the mobile app. Also in this case we are talking about a software able to guarantee an excellent level of usability and to be particularly user friendly. In this case there is a map that allows the management of servers and connections even if, for space issues, it is slightly less easy to coordinate than the desktop client.


As mentioned earlier, VPN services often sin in terms of weight on the line. The impact of NordVPN (Official Site) in this sense is really minimal, guaranteeing excellent performance with low latency regardless of the physical positioning of the server with which you are connected.

At the practical test, wanting to make a highly meticulous comparison, US and European servers prove to be the best, even if it is difficult to find connections with low values among the many servers available. We can affirm with serenity and seriousness that NordVPN (Official Site) confirms itself as one of the best services in absolute.

Here is the comparison of download and upload speed without NordVPN and with NordVPN.


Despite the fact that the service is almost perpetually running and free of any kind of possible issues, NordVPN (Official Site) also offers assistance for any eventuality. Specifically, a user can use the Support Center to consult FAQs and documentation regarding the functioning of the VPN. Alternatively, there is a help service via live chat or through email.


In addition to what it offers, NordVPN (Official Site) also stands out from the crowd because of its affordable costs. At this very moment, this service is offered in the following ways:

  1. opting for a one-year plan, the monthly cost is €6.22 per month;
  2. opting for the two-year plan instead, the price drops to 3.11 euros per month;
  3. to try the service, with a single month subscription, the cost is 10.64 euros.

There’s no denying that, in addition to the overall quality of the VPN, the low price is another strong point not to be underestimated.


NordVPN (Official Site) is one of the most popular services in this area and, if you’ve read this review, you’ll easily understand why. At the cost of a few euros per month, this platform offers excellent privacy protection and the ability to bypass territorial blocks that, among other things, can block Netflix and the like.

The ease of use on any platform, the excellent support and the possibility to use the VPN also via plug-in with your browser, are some of the many features that make NordVPN (Official Site) so popular in Italy and beyond.

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