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Feeling safe when surfing the web is a fundamental requirement to avoid any form of problems. Given that your days are characterized by digital interactions for any purpose, you need an ad hoc technology to prevent any complication. By virtue of this, in this article you’ll find everything about PureVPN (official website), one of the best VPNs around with advanced features and constantly updated.


PureVPN (Official Site) was born in 2007 with the foundation of GZ Systems Ltd, a company located in the British Virgin Islands. The success obtained by this avant-garde technology is essentially based on the respect of certain parameters that constitute, in a certain way, its operative vision.



The infrastructure that supports the peculiarities of PureVPN enjoys the contribution of a large number of activities that protect both you and the insiders on duty.

  • Account and access control: multi-level authentication to evaluate server access which is done through a temporary OTP password;
  • Software Security: Constant and ongoing reviews to ensure that there are no leaks or compromising bugs in the encrypted tunnels on duty;
  • Vulnerability management: periodic scans to nip in the bud any possible VPN weaknesses;
  • Network monitoring and defense: detection system to find those unwanted intrusions that could alter your digital experience;
  • Security training: the employees and artificial intelligences that animate PureVPN are continuously updated to offer you the best possible service.


The protection of your privacy is, for PureVPN (Official Site), its main priority. The data of user rather than another is never kept. Besides that, there is a rigorous respect of all the international regulations related to the treatment of data, of whatever nature they are. To confirm what has just been said, PureVPN has not suffered any legal citation and has never been reported for an emergency disclosure.


Protection and confidentiality of information are essential cornerstones of PureVPN’s activity. In addition, PureVPN itself has published periodic public reports showing how it manages the data it holds. This approach has resulted in consistently positive audit reports from entities.


Having provided you with a sort of business card of VPN, focus on its main peculiarities. The first is related to what was said in the previous paragraph and concerns the protocols.


Depending on your needs, you can select one of the four protocols that PureVPN (Official Site) puts at your disposal.

  • PPTP – Point-to-point tunneling protocol: this protocol guarantees a high level of speed at the expense of a low security threshold. Also, it is very easy to configure;
  • L2TP – Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol: the advanced authentication behind it may conflict with some of the most common firewalls;
  • SSTP – Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol: Microsoft branded, this protocol acts autonomously and cannot be controlled;
  • OpenVPN – Open Source Protocol: fast and timely performance, it allows you to bypass numerous restrictions and ensures cross-operation.


Being able to surf the web anonymously allows you to curb all those pitfalls that, unfortunately, are just waiting to invade your personal sphere. Hackers, third-party advertisers, marketing agencies and all kinds of malicious people can be countered with options that PureVPN offers in a very performing way.

  • Zero browsing logs: PureVPN does not store any trace of your online activity;
  • Masking: you can hide your digital identity at any time;
  • Encryption: state-of-the-art 256-bit AES encryption;
  • Internet Kill Switch: interruption of activity as soon as your connection ceases;
  • Split Tunneling: you have the chance to distribute your traffic between VPN and ISP;
  • WebRTC Loss Protection: Total safeguard, even when there are margins for the loss of your IP.

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With PureVPN you get seamless access to 50 sports channels. Europsort, ESPN, BBC Player and Bein Sport are some of the platforms that you can easily access to stream your favorite sports. Moreover, with a single subscription you have the possibility to have the beauty of 10 multiple accesses.


Thanks to a large number of servers, PureVPN (Official Site) allows you to surf at a respectable speed. Whatever your activity, from streaming to torrenting, you will enjoy a very good speed of execution. This is mainly due to the servers’ ability to cushion and evenly distribute the expected flows.

However, it must be said that using a protocol like OpenVPN might cause some slowdowns too much. In addition to this, you have to take into account those drops in performance dictated, willy-nilly, by peak hour traffic. Therefore, in addition to considering these aspects, it is advisable that you do some tests to better understand the real capabilities of your technical requirements.


Having mentioned them before, you can’t help but list some concrete details related to PureVPN’s servers:

  • Over 500 fully functioning servers;
  • A coverage that covers more than 96 world populations;
  • The location of the servers covers more than 78 countries.
  • Their performance also boasts a level of versatility that is nothing short of astounding. A fundamental requirement for your professional activities and for those moments when you like to relax while watching a movie or a TV series. In addition to this, there is the serenity that PureVPN protocols maintain a certain stability.


PureVPN (Official Site) is extremely easy to use, whatever platform you intend to use in that sense. As far as fixed devices are concerned, you’re definitely going to encounter a degree of reliability that a mobile app can’t guarantee. In view of this, it’s worth putting the emphasis on the operating systems that characterize most fixed devices.

  • Windows: An intuitive and user-friendly client, you can download Pure VPN in no time and start surfing securely right away. In fact, just by pressing the quick connect button you can locate an ad hoc IP and one of the recommended servers.
  • Linux: the absence of an ad hoc graphical interface forces you to use the command line to download the installation package. Nevertheless, you will enjoy PureVPN’s functionality without any problem.


PureVPN’s app section (Official Site) also shows incredible potential that can come in handy when you’re traveling or away from home.

  • Android: If you go to the Google Play Store, you’ll immediately find the PureVPN app. And after installing it, you just need to sign in to already find a server set as default so that you can feel deeply safe. We recommend updating the app as it crashes frequently;
  • iOS: for iPhones and iPads there is a dedicated app in the Apple digital store. Once you’ve completed the download, you’ll be able to operate the web with some fluidity.


Although PureVPN itself has given you a lot of guides to solve any kind of problem, there is no lack of support tools – such as tickets – that give you the answers you need within half an hour. If, however, you don’t want to waste time, then you just have to interact with the live chat on the official site. Generally speaking, you’ll get the desired answer in just two minutes. In addition, you will be dealing with a competent team that will resolve doubts, uncertainties and concerns based on a level of knowledge that is up to the task.


The opinions of those who have already used PureVPN are extremely flattering. The combination of quality, speed and security allows even beginners to enjoy their favorite events and shows without any limits. In addition, for many users it is a tool that aims to save money and convenience without, however, distorting its operational vision.


The prices and plans of PureVPN (Official Site) are, on balance, the spearhead of its incredible prerogatives. First of all, you can try this VPN for free for 7 days. Should you be convinced of its capabilities, then all you have to do is to subscribe to one of the following plans:

  • Monthly plan from $10.95 (equal to €9.65);
  • Two-year plan with early billing from $1.99 per month (equal to $1.75 and perceived discount of 82%);
  • One-year, $2.99/month advance billing plan (equal to $2.64 and perceived discount of 73%).
  • Plus, if you’re not satisfied, you can request a refund by the 31st day after subscribing.


What you’ve had a chance to read is about a VPN that is among the best in the industry. Therefore, we can safely say that you should go for PureVPN (Official Site) without ifs and buts. On the other hand, saving money, surfing the web and having your data safe is a simply rewarding prospect.


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