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Best dark web search engines

For a good reason, the Dark Web is named dark. Without a guide, it’s nearly impossible to find the information you are looking for and the knowledge it holds may be hardly accessible.

But things are changing for the better. There are now search engines for the dark web, like an alternative to Google for the Web’s most obscure areas, in case you need to search the Dark Web.

So, before starting Tor, which search engine should you use? In this content we will discover some of the top choices for 2024.

But, first of all, before entering the dark web, you must be sure you are protected under a solid shield.

One of the best VPNs for dark web is by far NordVPN (Official Website) that can help you to protect your IP and safely navigate all the ways of the dark web.

How to safely browse the Dark Web

  1. Download a safe VPN. Our top choice is NordVPN, which you can download from he Official Website;
  2. Install the VPN software on your computer;
  3. Pick a server that gives you the maximum speed performance;
  4. Launch your TOR browser and start to navigate the dark web.

What is the dark web?

The dark web is a term used for a collection of websites that exist on an encrypted network and cannot be accessed by traditional search engines.

It is sometimes referred to as the “invisible web” because of its hidden nature.

The dark web is home to a variety of online services, including online black markets, where illegal goods and services are offered for sale, but it is also used by hackers, activists and other individuals who wish to remain anonymous online.

At the same time, the dark web is also used for legitimate purposes, such as research and communication.

The dark web is made up of numerous networks, known as darknets. These networks are often anonymous and difficult to trace, meaning that users can remain anonymous and carry out activities without fear of being identified.

The most popular darknet is known as Tor, which stands for The Onion Router. Tor is a free, open-source software that provides users with a secure way of browsing the web anonymously. It allows users to access websites, chat rooms, forums and other services without revealing their identity or location.

Better is if you shield your TOR connection behind an encrypted VPN like NordVPN (Official Website), because in this way you just increase your level of security.

Best Dark Web Search Engine in 2024

  1. Torch
  2. Grams
  3. Not Evil
  4. Ahmia
  5. Candle
  6. Deepdotweb
  7. DuckDuckGo
  8. Hidden Wiki
  9. Startpage
  10. The Hidden Wiki


URL: http://xmh57jrknzkhv6y3ls3ubitzfqnkrwxhopf5aygthi7d6rplyvk3noyd.onion/

Torch is a search engine for the dark web which is a collection of websites and networks that are not indexed by regular search engines like Google and Bing.

Torch is designed to help users explore the dark web and find websites related to their interests.

It provides a wide range of search options, including a deep web search, image search, and video search.

It also has an active forum where users can share their experiences and ask questions.


Grams is a dark web search engine that allows users to search for goods and services on the dark web.

It is an alternative to the popular search engine Google, allowing users to access a different type of web content.

Grams searches through a variety of dark web websites and marketplaces, where users can search for products, services, and information.

The search engine is also known for its anonymity, as it does not record or store user information.

Grams also features a strong security system to protect user data and prevent malicious activities.

Not Evil

Not Evil is usually the first place to use to start searching on the dark web.

It provides users with a simple and intuitive interface allowing them to quickly and easily search for content on the dark web.

Not Evil is also the only dark web search engine that is open source, which means that it is regularly updated and improved by its developers.

It also tries to combat child pornography.


Ahmia is a search engine specifically designed for searching the dark web. It allows users to search for specific websites, topics, and content related to the dark web.

Ahmia aims to clean up Tor search results, so you won’t find any child pornography on that thanks to its wonderful working filters.

Ahmia performs also a fantastic job of distinguishing between authentic and bogus websites.


Deepdotweb (DDW) is a search engine and news publication that was designed to specifically cater to the dark web.

DDW provides links to various sites on the dark web, including marketplaces, forums, and other relevant information.

DDW reports on news and developments related to the dark web, including new sites, services, and scams.


URL: http://gjobqjj7wyczbqie.onion/

Candle is a well-known dark web search engine, but is not much used because it has only very basic functionalities.

No Boolean operators usable because Candle strives to keep things as straightforward as possible. Usually you can get up to 20 results.

This is a great search engine if your questions is not that complicated, but don’t expect great results.

Good choice if you need some quick and simple response to your queries.



Accessible from the normal web, so probably not 100% deep web search engine, we put it into the list because it emphasizes protecting searchers’ privacy and because it does not store any personal information, so users are not tracked.

DuckDuckGo provides many of the same search results as other search engines but claims to be more secure.

The Hidden Wiki


Website in Wikipedia style, but for onion links. You can use “The Hidden Wiki” like a starting point for your dark web experience.

Does not have a search engine, so you need to read through all the links and click on the one you are looking for.

The risks of surfing the dark web

Surfing the dark web can be a bit like a game of Russian roulette. You might find some great stuff, or you could be putting your computer and yourself at serious risk.

Scams. Since most websites are not regulated, the likelihood of running into scams is much higher. This is especially true if you try to buy something illegal or questionable.

Malware. Not only could you be exposing yourself to malware, ransomware, and other threats, but you could also be leaving yourself open to identity theft and other personal information theft.

Monitoring by government authorities. Anything that is illegal or considered potentially harmful by your local government is usually strictly monitored. Simply visiting such websites could get you into trouble with the authorities.

All in all, the dark web can be a dangerous place if you’re not careful. It’s important to stay aware and vigilant while browsing, and to be sure to use secure and reliable tools to access the dark web.

If you do choose to explore the dark web, make sure that you know what you’re getting into and that you’re prepared to face the risks.

Those are the reasons why even if you use TOR browser, you should always use it with a VPN.

Keep your Tor surfing secret by using VPNs like NordVPN (Official Website).

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